*You can pre register your vehicle until July 3, 2022*

*After date vehicles can register at the gate on the day of the event*


Pre-register your 1997 or older Mopar by July 3, 2022 and you could have a chance to win the Sunday GRAND PRIZE as well as the long distance award of $150 CASH!

  • You fill in one form; send it in and all the paperwork is done for you.
  • All the draw ballots, cards etc will be filled in and waiting for you.
  • You hang your colored tag & put on our armbands & drive through the participants gate – no stopping (it looks like a longer line up , but hang your tag and show your armbands and you drive right in. In the other line each car will need to stop,  pay and receive paperwork taking longer)
  • If you buy tickets on-line you could be in an early bird draw
  • Participants that pre-register will automatically be added to the 2023 mailing list to receive the Moparfest colour flyer. We only mail out once a year and would NEVER give your name to anyone else
  • Pre-registered participants will receive a confirmation package in the mail

Your confirmation package will be mailed out to you in July. In it you will find your parking pass, armbands, and confirmation letter

  • These CAN NOT BE REPLACED. You will need them to gain access to the show field. You will need the confirmation letter to pick up your ballots and plaque
  • You need to hang your parking tag from your mirror with the numbers facing out BEFORE arriving to the grounds. This will speed up entry
  • Participants will receive (2) two armbands passes and a numbered tag for each vehicle entered
  • Extra armbands can be purchased at a rate of $25.00 each
  • Hang your parking tag on your mirror with the numbers facing out before arriving at the show. This will put you in the “FAST LANE

                                                                          PARTICIPANT CANCELLATIONS                                                                          Refunds/ Vehicle Substitutions
Should you need to cancel up to 1 month prior to the current show you can do so by emailing the office at

  • All of the money you paid for the current year can be applied to the next year’s show
  •  No transfers after July 15th, 2022
  • No refunds or transfers will be given for 2022’s show after July 1, 2022 or during, or after the show