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                                                  Open to all years of Mopars!                                                     (Plymouth/Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/AMC/Fargo/DeSoto/Hudson/Willys etc.)

As well as customized newer cars & trucks. See the note on the home page regarding the limiting of newer cars.

                                                             SHOW HOURS                 VEHICLES ENTRY HOURS
SATURDAY                  8 am – 4:30 pm                                  8 am – 3 pm
SUNDAY                      8 am – 4:30 pm                                  8 am – 3 pm


$35 per pre-registered vehicle or $40 at the gate. Price includes vehicle and 2 adults for both days.Kids 12 & under are free.
Rain or Shine. NO pets allowed. Service animals excepted.

General Show Cars on the Field   Pre registered $35.00 or $40 at the gate.

The vehicles are not parked in classes or body style. If you wish to park with a friend, you must arrive at the same time. The parking is done in the order that you arrive.

Car Corral (cars for sale)   Pre registered  $35.00 or $40 at the gate.

The best place to sell a vehicle. The Car Corral is for private individuals (non business). Just tell them at the gate that that is where you want to go and they will direct you. You cannot sell parts in the car corral. *All parts must be sold in the vendor field*

Arena Display   Pre-registered only $35.00

The Arena is for unique, fresh & first time shown vehicles. These are chosen by the arena committee of Moparfest. There is no substitutions allowed in the arena.

Club Parking Pre registered $35.00 or $40 at the gate.

In order to reserve space in the club parking area you must pre-register your car and put the name of your club on the form. There must be a minimum of at least 10 vehicles preregistered for your club to be eligible for club parking.

Extra passengers  $20.00/weekend or $12.00/day

Extra armbands can be purchased at a rate of $20.00 each for the weekend. Or $12.00 per day. You will receive an armband or a day pass which you must wear or hand in so you do not have to pay again.
Sorry, there is no reduced rate for the vehicle if you can only attend one day.

Register Online Today!

All Classic, antique, 1999 & older cars can register on-line.
The price is $35 for the weekend which includes 2 adults. Click here

All 2000 & newer cars can register on line here
The price is $35 for the weekend which includes 2 adults. Click here

Tickets on the New Hamburg Optimist’s 2022 Dodge Jeep. Click here

Arm bands, visitor passes, etc.    *COMING SOON*

Entry directions

When you arrive at the gate tell them you want to go to the car corral and they will direct you all the way around the track to the correct section.
Music must be kept at a level appropriate to respect the others around you.
We park them as they come in the gate, if you want to park with your friends, then you need to arrive with your friends. It’s first come first park.

*NEW* as of 2012 due to the shortage of space – All tents “sun shelters” are to be place behind your car, not beside the car. We tried this in 2012 and it worked very well.  Almost everyone co-operated.
If you need to put your tent beside your vehicle you will need to purchase a tag for your tent you can do so in advance by phone – 519-342-1284

There will be a registration form for next year’s show available at the participant registration booth.
The first 1000 cars will receive a plaque.


Moparfest will provide a security person for Friday night and Saturday night, however, the Moparfest Committee, it’s members, or any of the volunteers are not in any way responsible for theft, loss, vandalism or damage that may occur before, during or after the show.


see the list here


The Legion (on the grounds) will be providing a full hot breakfast from 7 am till they run out (about 10 am)


There are multiple food locations setup throughout the field.

Alcohol Is permitted the licensed areas only. For insurance and permit reasons we ask that you only drink alcohol in the licensed areas.

First Aid

There will be First Aid available on the grounds during show hours only. The closest hospital is in Kitchener, ON.

ATM machine

There will be ATMs available during show hours at the back entrance of the shed by the Legion.

Sorry to say, it mostly porta potties. They are where they are because they are emptied 3 times per day and the truck must have easy access to them.
There are 2 sets of flush toilets located in the upper and lower grandstands.


 The “Grand Prize” applies to all pre-registered 1997 & older cars, in the arena, car corral, show field and all volunteer cars. If you sell your pre-registered car, do not let them leave until the prizes are drawn, as you and your registered vehicle must be present to win.

 1998 or newer cars are NOT eligible to win the “Grand Prize”

Note: All members of OCC Auto Club, the Moparfest Committees and all volunteers are eligible for all prizes the same as anyone else.

Register On-Line – Secure on-line form
Print a form  – Mail it in to the office with a cheque or International money order
By phone – Call the office with your information at 519-342-1284 from 9:30 am to 2:20 pm.
By mail – Send your name address phone & email address with the year, make & model of the vehicle on a blank paper with your money to the address below. Colour flyer – Mail back the form on the back of it
At the gate – Register at the gate on the day of the show.

*You can pre register your vehicle until July 1, 2022*

*After date vehicles can register at the gate on the day of the event.*

All show car traffic will be directed to enter and leave the grounds through the participant gate only. It is actually faster as all the vendor vehicles must use their entrance. If the Police show up to help direct traffic they will guide you to the fastest route.

There are designated handicap parking spaces just inside the stone gate that are available with the proper handicap permit.

Car haulers, car trailers may be left in the trailer parking section for the weekend.
Show vehicles can be left on the show field for overnight. Moparfest has a security people for Friday night and Saturday night, however, the Moparfest Committee, its members, or any of the volunteers are not in any way responsible for theft, loss, vandalism or damage that may occur before, during or after the show. With that said, we have never had a problem.
People may not stay overnight on the show grounds. See accommodations for a partial list of the accommodations available in the area. It is recommended that you book early.

Dogs (pets) are not allowed on the grounds at any time for any reason. This is because of our insurance and the safety of the people and vehicles. As well as a dog bite and the need for rabies shots in a past year.

Should a participant, vendor, or spectator not comply with the Rules and Regulations of the show, the Show Coordinator has the authority to have said person or persons from the show removed from the show.