Pet Policy

Regarding the importance of the NO DOGS RULE 

Please take note:
We WILL NOT allow any animals on the grounds for the weekend of Moparfest
This was written by one of our volunteers who had to get rabies shots right after Moparfest 2011. He was directing traffic out on the road for us.

“This was an attempt at having me for lunch yesterday for a lovely chocolate Lab dog at Peel and Bleams. Completely unprovoked as I was holding traffic back so the owners could cross Peel Street. Two people, walking two dogs on leashes. One came around the back of the other and just jumped and grabbed! I expect it didn’t like my safety vest – tore it right off and put a hole in my committee member shirt too! If this isn’t enough of a reason to keep dogs away, just imagine if it were a child!! It always surprises me the arguments and grunting we get from people that want to bring dogs to the event – not just ours, but any event of this size and intensity!  Don’t ever give in to letting dogs attend.”

 Dog bite photo

Please do not waste your money.

If you bring an animal you will be asked to leave immediately.