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We have never said that the new cars are not welcome or not important.

Our problem is we are out of space. What do we do? Where do we put all the cars? Our field can only hold 1800 cars. Last year 1100 pre registered. So the rest came in at the gate. If we had unlimited space we would let everyone in. We don’t have that luxury.

We've never had to turn anyone away at the gate yet. That’s what we are trying to avoid.

A few weeks ago I had a guy register his 2001 Dodge Ram pick up (work truck) I asked if it was a show vehicle. He said no, he bought it at the dealership the same as the people with the Challengers and Chargers and 300s so why shouldn't he be allowed in.

So, to avoid more situations like this we are limiting the number of 2000 and new vehicles no matter what the model. It's a hard decision but we had to do something to limit NOT ANY PARTICULAR MODEL but all newer vehicles in general.

If you have a new car and would like a refund just mail your preregistration package back to me before July 1st 2013 I will mail you a cheque.

We are all volunteers and we are doing the best we can.

Feel free to come and sit on the committee to help us make these decisions.

I personally own a new Challenger and I love it.


To those affected or offended by the new Moparfest 2013 policy update regarding the 2000 or newer year vehicles,

Over the last 5 years, Moparfest has seen a large increase in new vehicles attending the car show. The majority of these newer vehicles being Chargers, Challengers, 300’s, Magnums, and Ram Trucks. We love these vehicles all the same as the old ones – a Mopar is a Mopar. The organizer of Moparfest owns a 2010 Challenger Mopar 10 Edition and is affected by the policy update as well.

As a volunteer based committee of 18 members, most of which own show vehicles – some new, some old – we have collectively decided that we needed to implement an updated policy for 2000 and newer year vehicles. We are not putting this in to place to offend anyone, a group or car club, or to go against any particular vehicle model. This new policy is simply needed due to space issues.

Moparfest is held at the New Hamburg Fairgrounds, and there is only room for 1,800 vehicles. In 2012, we had 1,764 vehicles in attendance. 187 of those were year 2000 and newer. We are not turning away new cars – with this updated policy, there is still room for 13 new cars in addition to what was there last year. We welcome the new generation of Mopars and Mopar fans and encourage anyone who is interested in getting into the car hobby.

So – why don’t we move to a bigger show area?
A lot of people have been wondering and asking this, as it may seem like a fix to the space issue. Here are a few of the many reasons why we just simply can’t change venues:
- it would severely affect all of the community based service clubs we use, some of which include: 4 different Optimist Clubs, Lions Club, New Hamburg Legion, New Hamburg Firebirds, Air Cadets, Girl Guides, and so, so many more service clubs
- we would lose all local support and sullies from the New Hamburg community
- we would lose a lot of the spectators and participants who have been coming for years
- the costs would go up for the show, and therefore would go up for all of the attendees, too as we are not a company and do not have an excess of money to fall back on. At the end of each year we donate the money we raise.
- Extremely inconvenient for the volunteer committee members and over 350 other volunteers to commute.
- we truly love the small town feel that you can only get in a small town like New Hamburg
- we have invested tens of thousands of dollars into the New Hamburg Fairgrounds over the past 24 years

Over the years of organizing Moparfest, the volunteer committee has tried to put together a car show made by car people. We have heard questions and complaints and compliments from each
side of this topic. We have tried to accommodate every angle and each generation of Mopar fan. We feel this updated policy still tries to accommodate as many people and vehicle owners as possible.

As it has gotten to the point where people are bringing work trucks and vans onto the car show field, we have firmly decided to put in place this updated 2000 or newer year vehicle policy.

We thank you for your ongoing support and understanding, and we truly apologize for any inconveniences or bad feelings this may cause.


The Moparfest Committee Members



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