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Moparfest is a rain or shine show

You can register at the gate still for $40 that includes 2 adults and the vehicle for the weekend.

General admission costs is $12 per person per day, kids 12 and under are free

General admission parking is free.
Continual free shuttle bus to the spectator parking lot.

The cruise night downtown New Hamburg on Friday night is open to all makes and models of cars and begins around 4:30pm until dusk. It is not run by Moparfest. It is put on by the New Hamburg Board of Trade.

Cruise run to Wellington Motors on Saturday night leaves from Moparfest
Wellington Motors address: 935 Woodlawn Rd W, Guelph, ON N1K 1B7
Google maps directions:

Saturday we draw for $5,000 in Mopar Money – you and your registered vehicle must be present to win – this is open to all show vehicles on the grounds.

Sunday we draw for the grand prize give away car– you and your pre-registered 1993 or older vehicle must be present to win (must have pre-registered before July 1)

Sunday is the draw for the New Hamburg Optimist Challenger – you do NOT need to be present to win, we will call you

We are a handicap accessible event and offer handicap parking on-site. Proper permits must be displayed on your motorized transportation vehicles

Moparfest has a strict no pet policy. Service animals with their working vests on are welcome to the event. There will be zero tolerance for animals in vehicles or tied to vehicles in parking lots. Service animals are exempt.

Even if it’s raining where you are, it might not be raining here (We hope net one has to ask this!)

We do have vendor spots available, but they will be sold at the gate on a first-come first-serve basis. Weekend vendor spots cost $75 and up per 20x20.

Vendor parts pick up and drop off is available for large items, on-site only.

Moparfest is mostly a cash-only event, there is a debit/credit machine at the shed (we cannot offer cash back here). American money is accepted at par.

Spectator parking is the same as last year– at the Wilmot Recreation Complex - free shuttle busses are provided to and from the show grounds
Address: 1291 Nafziger Road Baden, ON N3A 0C4
Google maps:

Moparfest – always the 3rd weekend


Q>You have the information from the pre-registrations as to what vehicles have paid to attend the show. Why is it that it is not used to give out coloured tags by class i.e. blue for E body, etc? The colours could be used by parking ushers to set up spacing and guide cars into aisles for each type of body. Vehicles that haven't pre-registered take an outer area. 
A>Years ago we spent countless hours marking the field into sections; colour coded the sections and did try to organize the vehicles by body style. This would work well if the entire show car population preregistered, but they don't. About half do and that's OK with us, but we have no way of knowing which body styles are yet to come and how much room to leave for them. The field is about 90% full by Sunday and we would hate to turn away someone because we only have room for E bodies left.


Q>How about separating the cars as they come in. All the 60's A bodies together, The 60's B bodies together, the 70's E bodies and so on. With preregistration you would have a good idea about how much space should be allotted for each category. I think it would make for a true show. From an owners point of view I'd like to hang with other Charger owners. From a spectators view its easier to compare the various models and colors of a particular year and make. 
A>We found most people wanted to park with their friends who didn't have similar cars or some people brought multiple vehicles and wanted them together. So now it is done like this.... we park them as they come in the gate, if you want to  park with your friends, then you need to arrive with your friends. It's first come first park.


Q>We find that even if we arrive at opening there are numerous vehicles already set up around the baseball diamond using a space for their car - It's obvious from the flaunting posters, that these are members of your club hogging all of the favored positions before the registrants arrive.
A>We park them as they come in. I do know the cars you are talking about. Those cars belong to the volunteers of Moparfest. I would have to say they arrived first. They arrive Thursday to organize & set it up, then work all day, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and most of Monday to clean up. So if they got what you consider the best spot each year, well, I think they deserve it. (I think the best spot is in the arena)



Q>My car is newer than a 1991, why can't I win the participant prize?
A>We polled the participants that gave us an email addresses about that question.  We went with what the majority wanted.


Q>How do you decide what the prize should be?
A>We have been giving away a prize of a car to  a pre-registered participant since 1993. A few years ago we asked those who supplied email address if they would prefer some thing else. We went with what the majority wanted.



Q>Do I have to be present to win the pre-registered participant door prize?
A>Yes, you and your vehicle must be present to win.


Q>Can a volunteer win the car or money or other prizes? 
A>All members of OCC Auto Club, the Moparfest Committee and all volunteers are eligible for all prizes the same as anyone else, following the same rules.


Q>What about the other car, the one you buy tickets on?
A>No, you do not need to be present to win. (Although it would be pretty cool if you were!)



Q>What if I didn't pre-register?
A>Not to worry, you can always pay at the gate. As of 2016, the price is $40 for the weekend if you register at the gate. This entry fee includes 2 adults for the weekend, too. You will not be eligible for the pre-registered participant prize.  If you have a 2000 or newer vehicle we highly recommend that you pre-register as we have a cutoff for new vehicles set at 200.


Regarding the Next Generation Mopars (from 2011)
When they came out with the viper, and prowler about 15-20 years ago we decided we would let them in because they were unique and people wanted to see them. Plus at that time we had lots of space.
Since then Dodge has reinvented a few cars, the Challenger being the big one. They have made "limited editions" of each model so that the people who have them all consider them as unique. We have received a few concerns from some participants.
The Moparfest Committee has discussed those concerns, we have sent out a few online polls, and most of the people who answered the polls have agreed that until we run out of space on the field we should allow them to participate.
The reasoning behind this is since we are a car club that runs the show, we want to encourage the next generation to have an interest in Mopars. Since the antiques and classics are getting harder to find and more expensive purchase and maintain we should appreciate the fact that new people have an interest in the hobby no matter where their taste lay - old or new.
On the other hand, we do intend on keeping the "participant door prize" for the pre registered 1991 and older age group. The new cars are not allowed to be in on that draw.


Regarding the newer vehicles

Due to space on the field and parking issues we have put into place a new car policy effective May 1st 2013.

All new cars, trucks etc. (year 2000 and newer) must be preregistered.
We are limiting the number of new vehicles to a maximum of 200.
Please do not show up with a new vehicle without pre registering in advance.

We are sorry if this causes a problem and would like to thank you in advance for your understanding.

We have never said that the new cars are not welcome or not important.

Our problem is we are out of space. What do we do? Where do we put all the cars? Our field can only hold 1800 cars. Last year 1100 pre registered. So the rest came in at the gate. If we had unlimited space we would let everyone in. We don’t have that luxury.

We've never had to turn anyone away at the gate yet. That’s what we are trying to avoid.

A few weeks ago I had a guy register his 2001 Dodge Ram pick up (work truck) I asked if it was a show vehicle. He said no, he bought it at the dealership the same as the people with the Challengers and Chargers and 300s so why shouldn't he be allowed in.

So, to avoid more situations like this we are limiting the number of 2000 and new vehicles no matter what the model. It's a hard decision but we had to do something to limit NOT ANY PARTICULAR MODEL but all newer vehicles in general.


Q>I will only be able to attend Saturday, is there a reduced rate?
A>The price is the same no matter if you come 1 day or 2. If you pre-register your vehicle before July 1st the cost is $35 for the weekend, if you register at the gate on the day of the show the cost is $40. Registration always includes 2 adults for the weekend.


Q>Is there a reduced rate to just enter it for the morning?
A>We would be unable to tell how long a vehicle is on the field, so we have 1 price structure for the weekend. $35 for the weekend, which includes 2 adults for the weekend.


Q>How much is it to enter my car if I don’t want to be judged?
A>There is no judged prizes as such given out by Moparfest, but there are 1,000 5x7 plaque mounted "awards" for the first 1,000 registered vehicles.



Q>Can a student volunteer use those hours as school community service hours?
A>Yes, you can bring your high school form or we can give you one of our letter. 


Q>Can a volunteer win the car or other prizes? 
A>All members of OCC Auto Club, the Moparfest Committees and all volunteers are eligible for all prizes the same as anyone else, following the same rules as everyone else


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Phone: 519-342-1284
Mailing address: 57 Pinehurst Cres.,
Kitchener Ontario N2N 1E3
Showgrounds: 251 Jacob St.
New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada
Date: Always the 3rd weekend in August.
Show Date: August 18, 19, 2018
The Local Dodge Dealers that Support Moparfest
Galt Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ltd, Cambridge Ontario 519-650-2440
AllRoads Dodge Chrysler Jeep, St. Marys Ontario 519-284-3308
Wellington Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Guelph Ontario 519-822-8950
Bustard Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Waterloo Ontario 519-884-5888
Woodstock Chrysler Sales, Woodstock Ontario 519-537-6254
Dean Meyers Chrysler Jeep, Waterloo Ontario 519-743-0300
Mike Yarek Dodge Chrysler Ltd, Paris Ontario 519-442-3660
Haffner Motors Ltd, New Hamburg Ontario 519-662-1063
Arthur Chrysler Dodge Ltd, Arthur Ontario 519-848-2016
Wendell Motor Sales, Kitchener Ontario 519-893-1501
Voisin Chrysler Ltd, Elmira Ontario 519-669-2831
Howes & Reeves, Fergus Ontario 519-843-1035
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